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Jocelyn massaging someones neck while they are face up on the massage table
Jocelyn passively stretching someones right hip
Jocelyn massaging a males neck, while seated
Jocelyn assessing someones feet/legs
Jocelyn assessing the SI joints, low back
Jocelyn performing skin rolling on someones back
Jocelyn massaging someones SCM, neck
Jocelyn massaging someones right foot, plantar surface
Jocelyn massing someones right calf
Jocelyn working in someones left subscapular region
Jocelyn assessing the tissue on someones back
Jocelyn mobilizing someones left ankle, forefoot
Jocelyn assessing someones right hip
Jocelyn mobilizing someones left hand/phalanges
Jocelyn preparing to treat somones right bicep, arm
Jocelyn treating someones left foot, dorsal surface
"deep tissue" massage to someones left lateral hip/thigh
Jocelyn performing cupping on a left calf
Jocelyn assessing a right shoulder
Jocelyn massaging someones left arm
Jocelyn assessing the low back range of motion of a patient
Jocelyn standing in a stairwell in clinic, with arms on white banister and red brick background
Jocelyn treating someones back with her elbow/forearm
Pet friendly clinic

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Registered Massage Therapist in Barrie, Ontario

Located inside Barrie Family Chiropractic

137 Collier St, Barrie

ON, L4M 1H5, Canada

Office - 705.503.2921

Mobile/Text - 807.707.3134

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