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Welcome! My name is Jocelyn Buitenhuis. I am a registered massage therapist in Barrie, ON working with people of all ages - birth to end of life. Providing assessment and treatment with manual therapy for pain management, injury rehabilitation and mobility restrictions.

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Why visit my practice?


I am a Regulated Health Care Professional & in good standing with the CMTO

Direct Billing

Available for most major extended health insurance companies

Downtown Barrie

Located 2 blocks from City Hall with free parking available

Appointment Times

Appointments from fifteen minutes to ninety minutes

Family Orientated

Work with people of all ages - care for your whole family


We will discuss a treatment plan & homecare to keep you active in your care

Not sure what to expect at your massage treatment? See Treatments page

Allergy Notice: The clinic is animal friendly. Dr. Christy provides animal chiropractic and it is common to see pets in the office.

My Clinical Focus

I have a passion for working with people who experience persistent pain, acute, occupational, or repetitive sprain/strain injuries, mobility restrictions and much more.

Pre/Post natal related pain, sport/athletic rehabilitation, occupational/repetitive strain injuries from activities of daily living are also commonly seen in my office; even if you just want to maintain your current functional activities, massage therapy can be a safe space for you.

After attending a pain conference in 2019, one of the Keynote speakers discussed her research in children/adolescents who experience trauma (anything from newborn diabetic heel pricks to abuse) and how a large majority of them develop into adults with chronic pain and mental health illnesses, such as, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. This sparked my interest to research this area more; I now include massage therapy for children in my practice, as I see how beneficial it can be for some.

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